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IMBE Immersive Book Experience


IMBE Instructions

Tommy in the Attic

Instructions for the Immersive Book Experience

This is a Musical Novel. It is an Immersive Book Experience (IBE). This book contains audio tracks and songs to be played. For certain passages in the book, we will invite you to select an audio track and read along at the same time. This audio symbol   along with a track number will inform you which audio track to play. 


We created the audio soundtracks keeping in mind everyone reads at different speeds (which can be influenced by our mood or time of day). We made the tracks for medium-speed reading but will let you adjust your reading with marked checkpoints in the text during the audio tracks. 

Read at your normal pace. Sometimes when the music is dramatic, you might naturally speed up; that is OK. The audio track keeps that in mind. 


Asterisks (Check Points) 

This asterisk symbol (*) will mark check points along the immersive adventure. There will be recognizable audio checkpoints that show you where you are in the ‘music-reading’ speed that are marked in the text by an asterisk. It could be specific sound effects related to the text or musical changes that begin on a new phrase. 


For example, when someone jumps in the water or is swimming, you might hear water sounds. Other times, asterisks will indicate a sudden change in musical atmosphere, such as a change in music intensity, instruments, or phrasing (violins, drums, guitar, etc.). 


If you arrive at a checkpoint before or after the sound effect or music change, it’s OK. You can try to readjust your reading speed as you go along. You can always rewind to a specific check point if you want to enjoy a certain passage again or go back to the start of the track for the full immersive adventure. You will get better at synchronizing your reading with the soundtrack as you plunge into this new reading experience. 


If you wish, you can also listen to the instrumentals or the songs by themselves to remind you of the story or the atmosphere of the scenes later.

Reading While Listening to Music

At first, reading while listening to music might not feel natural to you, but you may discover that your brain will become more accustomed to it and might even crave the experience afterwards. 

As you begin, make sure that the music is not too loud, otherwise it can blur your comprehension of the text. This can slow your reading speed and distort your experience altogether. As you get comfortable with the audio tracks of the musical story, you can raise the volume to experience the full power of this immersive adventure.


Listening Devices

Everyone has a different listening device. Some will lock out after a few minutes, like cellphones. We added 10 seconds of silence after every audio track, so you have time to go back to your device and stop it. Otherwise, if a new track starts playing it might pull you out of the story. In the novel, at the end of an audio track, it will be marked 'End of audio track.’ On the other hand, the songs have a shorter period of silence at the end because they can be played on other music platforms. 



The better the headphone set you have, the better experience you will have.

We put a lot of work into the musical compositions and recordings and spent countless hours on the project. The pieces are all original compositions. We tailored every composition to the written story and timed them to the events in the book. 


To enjoy the full potential of the adventure, use your best headphones and crank up the volume when you get a comfortable reading along with the music.



We will invite you to select the song for the passage in a similar way as the instrumental audio tracks using the same symbol and a track number. The characters of the story can express their voices this way through music.


The songs along the journey make the characters come alive and the music track makes the novel’s heart beat stronger on every page. The lyrics appear centred on the page.


Enjoy the adventure!

Here are some samples to try out;


Sample IMBE Website

Play ‘Water Pit’ (Audio A13 or click here  ) 7;48min


“Look, there’s an inscription,” says Rumby. “‘The Pearl. Seek without looking. Find without searching. The compass is already within.’” 


“This must be the second challenge,” says Glimps, looking at Tommy. 


“Let’s try to understand this one,” replies Thin Man, who, unlike Mike, actually enjoys riddles. 


“There’s also a drawing of water. Look,” says Rumby as he points.


Mandy, whose element is water, walks next to the pit to get a feel for the small lake. “There’s something in there, but I can’t access it. It’s like it won’t let me.” 


“Same thing for me with the dirt doors,” replies Mike. “Even though it’s my element, it’s as if there’s a spell on the challenges and we can’t connect with them.” 


Before anyone has time to solve the riddle, Mandy says, “I feel I’m the one who should go,” and then she jumps in the water. 




Her move surprises everyone, Glimps in particular. “That is not very safe and, that is not like her at all, either.”


Tommy takes a step closer, as if to go after her, but Mike holds him back for a moment. “Wait… Let’s just see what happens.”


The water is dark and they can’t see what is going on underneath. She is not coming back up. There’s no sign, no movements. Everyone is hoping to see something that confirms that she is OK, but there’s nothing. Is she coming back, or did she encounter a problem? Is she still alive, or did she suddenly vanish into the pit? Who knows what lurks in these waters?


Thin Man is counting the seconds out loud, “47, 48, 49…” 


“She can only be under water for so long, you know…” reminds Rumby, nervous.


Tommy gets ready to jump into the water as she suddenly resurfaces.




Everyone exhales a deep breath and lets their stress out as they see Mandy coming back to the shore. “I can’t see anything. The water is pitch black. It’s very difficult to know where you’re going. You can’t even see what’s in front of you,” says Mandy in a casual tone, as if it was her duty to go in because water is her element. “Still, I feel there’s something wrong. It’s like this is not even water…’’ 


“Strange… I wouldn’t stay in there too long,” Thin Man says, still shaky.


Mandy is still swimming on the surface, conversing as if there is no imminent danger.


“I think you should come out, so we can solve the riddle first,” says Glimps with a worrisome voice. 


“You’re right,” says Mandy, but suddenly her eyes open wide and she has barely enough time to take a breath as she is pulled from underneath back into the dark waters. 




Tommy, already loaded with adrenaline from the moment before, dives in headfirst. 




The others gather around, calling her name. 


Tommy is in the deep black liquid but can’t find Mandy anywhere. He swims from left to right, trying to move his arms so he can reach out as much as he can. The texture of the water is slimy and heavy. It is actually more difficult to swim in than water. It’s like it’s an organic liquid or something. 


Tommy thinks to himself urgently, I have to start from one corner and move all the way across to the other side; I need to have some kind of strategy to find her. He knows there’s something that pulled her back in and that it’s swimming in there with both of them. 


Outside, the people are still calling Mandy and Tommy’s names, feeling helpless. 


“Let’s find something to make a rope with and throw in the water,” says Mike, trying to help somehow. He and Glimps look for something they can use. Rumby and Thin Man stand by, looking for any movement on the shiny surface of the water pit. Thin Man gets on his knees, ready to reach out with his hand to help the first one who comes out. The water is moving heavily, but still, no one has become visible.



Tommy is deep in the water. He can’t seem to find Mandy anywhere. He is on the edge of panic. He reaches out as much as he can with his hands and feet to see if he can locate her. Suddenly, something slimy slides along his back. He turns around and tries to grab it, but it’s already gone. He hears a deep growling sound. He tries to swim in that same direction… 


(Sample end)


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Sample Battlefield


Play ‘Battlefield’ (Audio A12 or click here  ) 5;09 min


Glimps signals to advance on the plains and has the clans move forward. Tommy walks ahead with everyone else, pulling out the sword from his belt. The clan moves a little faster. Now, they can see the monsters and the creatures up ahead. They can clearly see what is coming.


Tommy screams and starts running toward the enemy. The entire army of clans replies in the same manner. Everyone’s screaming and running. A gigantic clashing sound of metal resonates. The screams grow less and less, fading into the grumbling of the fight. 




Tommy ends up face to face with a 7-foot-tall creature with a patch over one eye and arms like a gorilla; a blend of animal and bodybuilding giant that must weigh 600 pounds. 


It tries to hit Tommy with its fist, but Tommy rolls on the ground, escaping its blow. He gets back up and swiftly gives it a sword hit on the ankle. The monster-like beast loses balance and falls to one side, putting its elbow on the ground. Tommy gets ready, raises his sword to inflict a deeper wound to its torso, but the monster hits Tommy with a strong punch right on the shoulder before he can. Tommy falls to the ground, and when he opens his eyes, he sees his opponent trying to get up. 




Luckily, Tommy thinks fast, and he moves quickly before the monster gets to him, escaping its fist this time. Instead, it shatters the ground where he was lying. 




The beast rises again, standing most of its weight on one leg since the other one is bleeding. Tommy and the beast stand face to face through the chaos of the fight all around them. His opponent seems like a wall of pain to break down. How can I take him out, he wonders. He quickly observes the way the beast putting its weight on the other leg and wonders how he can take advantage of that. 


The monster doesn’t seem to think at all. It just wants to fight. 


Tommy runs around to the side where the creature’s foot is injured. It moves and tries to catch him, and it almost grabs Tommy with its big hands, but it falls because of the injury. Tommy feels its missed grasp on his back. That was a close one. 


Without having time to turn around, he stops. With his back to the monster, he takes a chance and swings before even looking, piercing the monster in a trusting, spinning motion. He can’t believe the result of his sightless move, having exterminated one creature by himself in a burst of intuition. His first win.


He looks around, seeing everyone fighting for the same cause. A testimonial of hope; fighting for freedom.




Without a moment of rest, a cyborg who has just killed one of the clan warrior charges him…


(Sample end)


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Sample Song


Dancing in the Dark Part 2 (sample)


(Tribal warrior dance at the campfire before the battle)


Glimps walks around tapping warriors on the shoulders and with brotherly handshakes, he honours their bravery.


We’re the ones you’ve left behind, the freaks and broken rhymes

We’re the mutants, the rebel child, poets of another time

We’re the legions, we are sinners of the night

We go dancing, we go dancing

We are the creatures, living on the edge of light

And when the day falls

We’ll be coming out tonight

When the moon calls

We go dancing in the dark


EV speaks his face in the shadows of the camp fire


When the night falls, you walk in the realm of dreams

Soon the people of the land asleep, awakens the darkness beneath

As the clock strikes midnight, the wolves are howling high

Every night here is Halloween, every night we lay our disguise

And we can hear their call in the wind from far, far away

Gathering crews from the ancient world, to break from their chains of clay

And in a mighty sound of thunder, your heart sparks with life again

As a million stars light up your eyes, escaping your bitter end

For the dreamers of this world will soon come to rule

As we raise our hands together, the misfits, rebels, and ghouls

Your limbs move to recover through the ashes of despair

In a roaring rage of passion, you rise from your lair

And in your footsteps you ignite fire to your very soul…


(Sample end)

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